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May 2018
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Seizures can happen anywhere
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Seizures Can Happen

Mrs. Smith was happy at the progress of her students. “At
this rate, they will be done with their assignment early,” she thought to
herself. As she walked up and down the rows of students sitting at their
computers, she noticed Timothy wasn’t looking at the screen or typing.

“Get to work, Timothy. You’re falling behind everyone else!”
she warned.

Timothy looked back at her. His eyes were glassy and
unfocused, and he couldn’t speak. “Are you feeling ok, Timothy?” she asked.

Suddenly, Timothy fell forward, and then out of his chair.
His arms and legs began to flail about, and his head shook from side to side. Mrs.
Smith gasped and sent two students to get the nurse. Unsure of what to do, she

Luckily, ToteBoy was in gym and heard the commotion. He ran
to the bathroom, changed into his uniform, and flew up to the computer room.

“Get out the way!” he yelled to the class. “Help me make
sure nothing is in his way.”

He ran over to the boy and pushed all of the chairs and desks
out of the way, with the help of the classmates. One boy began laughing,
instead of helping, and ToteBoy ran over to him.

“Laughing? You’re laughing? You should be ashamed of
yourself. He didn’t ask for this, you should help him.” ToteBoy had trouble
controlling his teen rage, but calmed himself and went back to Timothy.

He put a jacket under his head and stood over him until the
seizure finished. The nurse came in just when the boy sat up. ToteBoy told the
nurse that Timothy had had a seizure and flew out of the window, giving the
laughing boy one last angry look.

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Dirty DJ Makes a Friend
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The sewers have always been a dirty place. They smell, they are full of sewage, and no one has ever wanted to go down into them. But with everything going on in Garden City, the sewers have gotten even dirtier. With no garbage pickup, people have begun throwing their garbage, especially dirty diapers, down the sewer drains. But this extra stench and waste has made one person very happy ­– Dirty DJ.

David Jeffrey is a sixteen year old boy who lives with his mother. She and his father split up when he was a young boy, and he hasn’t seen much of him since. His mother keeps him away, always lying to keep them apart. His father, meanwhile, went on to have another son, Xavier, with his new wife. David was always jealous of Xavier for getting to live with their dad, when he could barely ever see him. It made him a reclusive teenager who liked to stay alone.

One day, he was out spraying graffiti on a sewer entrance when he realized the gate was not locked and he could go in. At first, he was disgusted by the putrid stench, but after going back every day for a few weeks, he came to love the smell. He knew no one would come bother him down there. As the months passed, he learned the sewer systems and could quickly get all over the city underground.

Then one day, ToteMan came to Garden City. And while no one else could recognize him, Dirty DJ knew immediately who he was – his father! And to add insult to injury, a few months later, he saw a new hero spring up, The Bubbler – a nine year old boy who he immediately recognized, again. His little brother.

“My dad became a superhero and let my little brother play hero?” He thought. “And he didn’t even think to call me? Forget them – I HATE

He spent two days down in the sewers creating his alter-ego, Dirty DJ. “If he doesn’t want me as a sidekick, then I’ll destroy him,” he thought, as he made his costume. His alter-ego was dedicated to filling Garden City with disgusting garbage and filth. He figured that it was his best way of getting The Bubbler’s attention. All he wanted was a showdown with his awful little brother, who stole his dad.

He started throwing dirty diapers and mud balls out of the sewers. He would cause sewer backups and clog toilets. He wanted the city to smell as bad as his lair. So when Herr Freon shut down the garbage service, Dirty DJ saw it as a victory. His job just got easier and The Bubbler’s got ten times harder.

One day when he was running around throwing grime and filth out of the sewers, he bumped into a strangely dressed woman running through his sewers. At first, he got his slingshot out and was ready to shoot
dirt at her, but then he stopped. He asked why she was there, and she said she was fleeing ToteMan. He saw this as an opportunity to become stronger, so instead he joined forces with her to make Garden City the grossest city in the world, and to finally defeat his brother once and for all.

To find out about the other heroes and villains of Garden City, and how they wound up where they are, please stay tuned to the blog. Each month, I will chronicle another character until ToteMan’s world is complete.

And if you can’t get enough of ToteMan, feel free to check out my Facebook and Twitter for more on what he’s up to.

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Junkyard Jess Making a Mess
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After Herr Freon shut down Garden City, many part-time punks became hardened criminals. On every corner, it seemed, there was a serious bad guy robbing helpless citizens. And with no garbage men or other essential service workers, the garbage was starting to pile up everywhere. Companies were shutting down, people were losing their jobs, and taxes went up. It was a tough time to be a citizen of Garden City.

During this commotion, Junkyard Jess saw her chance to build her junk-empire. Since her childhood raised by rats, she has always collected the treasures from the trash people threw away. An old, broken bowling trophy? She saw it as a priceless memento worth saving. All of this hoarding had created tight living quarters in her junkyard, but now, with no garbage collection, she decided to expand to the rest of Garden City. Since there was already garbage all over the streets, she figured she could use the whole city as her personal junkyard.

She started by taking the abandoned building and parking lot next to her junkyard. No one noticed, or cared, because so many businesses were shutting down. She turned it into a place to display all of her collected braces, retainers, and used floss. But soon, she needed more room and decided to try to take over the hospital. And that is when the problems started for her.

The hospital had been shut down, as it was an essential service facility, but people still went there when they felt sick and doctors and nurses still tried to help. Junkyard Jess showed up with a team of rats and
tried to clear the building out. Doctors and patients ran away in fear. But during the commotion, a young man collapsed and started convulsing on the floor.

She watched as everyone else ran away and decided it was her opportunity to rob the man. She bent down, stole the man’s wallet and walked

Unfortunately for her, that was the moment ToteMan showed up. He
sensed the people in distress and came to help. He started by walking over to the convulsing man. He knew the man was having a seizure and knew how to help. He asked a woman running past for her sweatshirt, then balled it up like a pillow and put it under the man’s head. Then he turned him on his side.

Junkyard Jess watched in horror. Her plans were foiled by ToteMan. She knew he would defeat her so she ran away. ToteMan asked a doctor who was running by him to help get the man home, then chased her down. But she was gone before he could get outside after her and she jumped down a sewer.

While in the sewer, she met a strange, demented teenager, named Dirty DJ. He wanted to make the world above as dirty as the sewers where he lived, because he thought people would be happier if it was dirtier. With similar goals, they decided to join forces to defeat ToteMan and take over Garden City.

To find out about the other heroes and villains of Garden City, and how they wound up where they are, please stay tuned to the blog. Each week, I will chronicle another character until ToteMan’s world is complete.

And if you can’t get enough of ToteMan, feel free to check out my Facebook and Twitter for more on what he’s up to.


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The New Leader: Herr Freon
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This post is part of the Epilepsy Blog Relay™ which will run from November 1 through November 30. Follow along and add comments to posts that inspire you!

“In other news today, the leader of Management has recently passed away due to a heart attack. After ten years under his leadership, General Counsel is seeking a new leader to guide Management and run Garden City. Stay tuned for updates…”

Thomas was barely listening to the TV that was on in the background. He was half-asleep on the couch in his parent’s basement that he called a bed. It was two in the afternoon and he was not sure if he had already gone to bed or if he was still asleep from the night before.

A few hours later, he got out of bed and threw on the same clothes he wore the day before so he could go out and get a cheeseburger. He walked out of his parents’ house and down to Greasy’s when a truck pulled up next to him. Three guys in masks grabbed him and threw him in the truck. Then, they sped off.

A little while later, they pulled into a parking garage and opened the door. Standing there were five men in suits. “Come on out, Thomas,” they said. “We have an offer for you.”

These were the henchmen of General Counsel and they wanted
to offer Thomas the role as the new leader of management. They needed someone who would do what they wanted and had no other ambitions in life. When they had seen him a few days earlier at Greasy’s licking ketchup off of his shirt, they knew he was the one.

“Your new name is Herr Freon, and you will be tyrant this city has needed for a long time,” General Counsel said through static on one of the henchman’s cell phones. “Our last leader was kind and cared about his city. But we care more about money.”

Thomas agreed and was appointed to the new job a few days later. His first act in his new job was to declare a state of emergency and cancel all city services. With the police, firemen, utility workers, and
garbage men out of the way, Herr Freon could rule his city without anyone stopping him.

At least, until ToteMan showed up…

To find out about the other heroes and villains of Garden City, and how they wound up where they are, please stay tuned to the blog. Each week, I will chronicle another character until ToteMan’s world is complete.

And if you can’t get enough of ToteMan, feel free to check out my Facebook and Twitter for more on what he’s up to.

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Wind Chyme’s Sad Start
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Cheung Li, former girlfriend of Ninja Boy and daughter of Wan Kwong, was forced into the service of Herr Freon. On the day she was taken from her father’s home in Korea, she pledged never to do the evil bidding of Herr Freon.

But Herr Freon saw too much potential in the young martial artist. He needed an assassin to take out ToteMan and his mysterious new partner, NinjaBoy. And she had the skills he needed to take them out. So he had his assistant spend three days hypnotizing her. By the time they were finished, Cheung Li did not know who she was. She could only remember that she could fight. And that is when Herr Freon told her new name: Wind Chyme.

Herr Freon wanted to test her loyalty before sending Wind Chyme after ToteMan. So he sent her on her first mission: to assassinate Patman. Patman was a local hero-for-hire and had recently foiled Herr Freon’s plan to steal all of the candy from the children of Garden City. Now, Herr Freon was going to have his revenge.

Wind Chyme tracked Patman by calling in a fake emergency to his 1-800 HERO-HIRE emergency hero service. Once he was home, Wind Chyme snuck into his apartment complex and watched which apartment was his. Then, she snuck back outside and climbed up the building to his apartment on the fourth floor. From there, she planned to sneak in the room and complete her mission.

But while she was on the wall, she heard people start screaming in the street. She quickly jumped down and hid behind a dumpster because she thought they were yelling about her. But then she saw, in the middle of a crowd of people, a little boy convulsing. He was having a seizure. She suddenly had a strange impulse to help the boy. It distracted her and she could not take her focus off of helping him.

After a few moments, Patman came back outside and saved the day. He pushed some garbage cans out of the way so the boy would not accidently kick one and get hurt, turned the little boy on his side so that he would not choke, and wrapped up a shirt into a ball and put it under his head. By the time he had finished this, an ambulance arrived to take the boy to the hospital.

After the boy was gone, Wind Chyme could not bring herself to go assassinate Patman. She didn’t know why, but something deep inside of her forbade it. So she started to walk away.

As she was walking, a van pulled up and five men grabbed her and tied her arms and legs. Herr Freon had a team of DNG watching her, and when they reported back her failure he had them kidnap her. He decided to try more hypnosis to get better control of her.

After another week of hypnosis, any shred of her humanity was gone. She was finally ready to find ToteMan…

To find out about the other heroes and villains of Garden City, and how they wound up where they are, please stay tuned to the blog. Each month, I will chronicle another character until ToteMan’s world is complete.


NinjaBoy Origins
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Dennis was a skilled martial artist in Garden City. He had studied countless forms of martial arts in the local Dojo, Garden City Karate Kids, but always felt he had the potential to do more. He was sick and tired of working as a copy machine repairman, even though he worked with his best friend, John McLaren. One day, a letter came in the mail saying his Uncle Bristol had passed away and left him something in his will.

“Uncle Bristol,” he thought. “I don’t even know of an Uncle Bristol. That’s weird.”

He called his parents to find out about this person, and they told him the family secret. Apparently, his father had a much older brother. When they were younger, before Dennis was born, he and his brother had a big fight and didn’t talk for many years. During that time, his brother Bristol created a chop stick company and became a millionaire. But he never had any kids.

Two days later, a check came from Uncle Bristol for $5 million. Now that he was rich, Dennis quit his job and moved to Korea to study martial arts. He knew that he could unlock his full potential there. And after months of training in different dojos, he finally met Wan Kwong. Wan Kwong was a master of Kuk Sool Wan, Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, and the Sae Sok O-Gye. When they met, Wan Kwong immediately sensed something special about Dennis. He could sense a strong Chi in the young boy, and wanted to help him harness it.

Dennis studied with Wan Kwong’s beautiful daughter, Cheung Li. They both became martial arts masters, and Dennis learned how to use his Chi as a shield to protect himself from harm. They began dating after several years, and Dennis fell in love with her. He decided to ask her to marry him, and planned a special dinner to celebrate.

But that day, Herr Freon showed up to collect money from Wan Kwong. He didn’t have it, so he offered up his daughter as payment. By the time Dennis found out, they were gone, never to be heard from again. Heart broken, Dennis went back to Garden City. And that is when he found out that his best friend had become a superhero named ToteMan, and that he was fighting against the evil Herr Freon.

He pledged his loyalty to ToteMan and became the famous NinjaBoy, the most deadly martial artist in the world. Together, they will fight Herr Freon and all of management, to clean up Garden City and save his beloved Cheung Li.

To find out about the other heroes and villains of Garden City, and how they wound up where they are, please stay tuned to the blog. Each month, I will chronicle another character until ToteMan’s world is complete.

And if you can’t get enough of ToteMan, feel free to check out my Facebook and Twitter for more on what he’s up to.



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ToteMan: the Beginning
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John lived in a small suburb of the booming metropolis, Garden City. He worked as a copy machine repairman, driving all over the city to do his job. One day, while working downtown at a large office building, John suddenly started shaking and fell over. He kicked a chair and almost bit his tongue off while he was convulsing for five minutes. A group of people watched, but no one knew what to do. The paramedics arrived ten minutes later, but by then he was done. He was epileptic and had a seizure. He could have died and no one could help.

That night when he got home, there was an old, beat up box on his doorstep. He looked at the packing slip and it was labelled six years earlier.

“Figures,” he said as he walked in his house. “Better late than never, I guess.”

After making dinner and sitting down at the table, he opened the box. Inside was a screwdriver, journal, and a swatch of his family tartan. In the journal, his father, his grandfather, and all their fathers before them chronicled their exploits with the last shard of the mystical sword Dyrnwyn.

There were many stories of great adventures and power, but it all sounded like a fantasy. Finally, John read the passages from his
grandfather, who said he put the shard into a screwdriver. The screwdriver, named “Namstfarc,” was said to have great power, allowing the owner to blast fireballs and granting superpowers.

John laughed as he read the last few entries, detailing the power of the screwdriver. “Sure,” he thought. “And if I pick this up, it will burn down my house, I bet.”

At that moment, he picked up the screwdriver and saw flames burst out around it. He dropped the screwdriver and realized he had an
opportunity to fix the city he loved. “I will clean up this city,” he thought. “I will join all of the great heroes of Garden City, and I will protect its

In the beginning, he had fears about how much he could help because of his epilepsy. But he realized a disease could never keep him down. So he created the ToteMan suit and started fighting crime, making friends and enemies along the way, always keeping a mindful eye out for citizens in need, especially those with epilepsy. See this in his Origin pdf.

To find out about the other heroes and villains of Garden City, and how they wound up where they are, please stay tuned to the blog. Each week, I will chronicle
another character until ToteMan’s world is complete.

And if you can’t get enough of ToteMan, feel free to check out my Facebook and Twitter for more on what he’s up to.

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Welcome Back
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After an 18-month hiatus, ToteMan is back and better than ever. This was a longer break than I planned to take, but I’m back, ToteMan is back, and we are ready to tackle the daunting task of epilepsy awareness, together.

The ToteMan blog is designed to be a place where epileptic children and adults can come, or where they can send others, to read stories about epilepsy safety. These stories are written for children, and my hope is they both spread epilepsy safety and epilepsy awareness. Epilepsy is a difficult illness to live with, but it can be almost impossible without support and without the comfort of knowing you are not alone.

For those who remember my old blog, I will be re-imagining all of my characters. For those new to the blog, welcome, and feel free to peruse ToteMan’s World to learn all about the world of Garden City. This whole concept is based on my comic, which I wrote many years ago to help children understand epilepsy safety.

Since I first wrote the comic, my concept has spawned over 20 unique characters. This blog will explore each of the characters in a fun way, giving them each a backstory and then intertwining them to create fun, engaging stories for children.

But the best part about these stories is that I use real life examples of situations involving epilepsy in them. So if you have any epilepsy related stories, whether your own or you child’s, please let me know about it, and I will turn it into a post. It’s a fun way to turn a difficult
time in a child’s life into something fun and unique.

And if you can’t get enough of ToteMan, feel free to check out my Facebook and Twitter for more on what he’s up to. To catch up on the old posts please visit ToteMan’s Blog.

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